“When I’m asked by Cisco TAC to send them a #show tech-support it gives me too much information to copy to a text file?” “how can I output that information to a text file without using copy and paste?”

There is a few ways you can do this, but are not limited to just below.

1. Redirect the file to tftp, ftp, http, flash etc.

#sh tech-support | redirect tftp://

2. Set your terminal session to record ( I use putty, in my example this will output everything you do to a text file)


Once you have set your telnet program to log you should use the command “terminal length 0″ what this does is save you having to hit the space bar to display the full config, by default the terminal length is 24 lines. On a cisco ASA the command is “terminal pager 0”

As you can see this is pretty simple stuff, but if you don’t know then you might pull a few hairs out trying to copy and paste!!!

Watch out for yourself!