This was one project I tackled head on and had no prior knowledge of, so as you can guess this is the reason I am blogging about it……

I will assume you have received delivery of the router and SRE pre-loaded with WAAS, so the first step you want to do is assign the service module interface an IP address. Do a “sh ip int br” to see what interface’s you have, in my case we have SM1/0.

router1#int sm1/0
router1(config-if)#ip add
router1(config-if)#no shut

next assign the service module an ip in the same subnet

(config-if)#service-module ip add
(config-if)#service-module ip default-gateway

What’s happening here is your service module has its own ip address and gateway.

You can now connect to the service module either by telnet to its IP or session via the router with the command “service-module sm1/0 session
Once connected you can begin to setup the module for connection to your central WAAS.

SM#conf t
SM(config)#hostname waas1
waas1(config)#primary interface gig 1/0
waas1(config)#central-manager address x.x.x.x
waas1(config)#licence add Enterprise
waas1(config)#cms enable

Once you’ve done this the SRE module will be updated with all the settings from your central WAAS.
I would recommend you now continue the setup from the WAAS central manager, you can however do this from the service module.

You can check the status of the module with the command “#service-module sm1/0 status” this commands can be performed from the router.
some other commands you might find useful are

#service-module sm1/0 reset
#service-module sm1/0 reload
#service-module sm1/0 statistics
#service-module sm1/0 log

Hopefully this will save you some time.

Keep it real!