Disaster recovery is an important part of my job. One very useful command I use is Cisco IOS archive command. There are a few different things you can do with the command but I mainly use it for backing up my configs. You can also use it to log all commands typed this would be helpful from a security standpoint as it would show what changes were made to a device and by whom, or you can compare differences in archived configs.

The config below backs up your device to an FTP server which you have on your network every 1440 minutes

The $h puts the hostname and the $t puts the date and time stamp on your archived file, so this config is generic. You could also add the “write memory” option this backups everytime you save a changed config.

ip ftp username router
ip ftp password router

  time-period 1440
  write memory

As soon as you enter the commands it will immediatly send a copy of the running-config to the FTP server, something like this.