This command might save you from a whole world of trouble!

For example you’ve got a scheduled change coming up on your WAN router that’s a little risky, you might just cut yourself off from the router half way through the change…….. what do you do to mitigate this risk?

Well if you don’t have OOB (out-of-band) access to the router you would use the following command

#reload in 20

What this does is reload the router in 20 minutes reverting back to the last saved config. So if you’ve been cut off just wait the time you’ve specified and the router will reload with the old config.

To confirm how much time you have before a reload use the command

#show reload

Once you’ve completed your changes and they are successful just issue the command

#reload cancel

Also used to schedule a reload is the command

#reload at 09:45

This reloads your router and the time you specify but obviously relies your NTP settings to be correct so check this first.

Plan ahead!!